How do I learn to use the baby sling?

First of all try not to be impatient; after a short time you will manage the sling naturally. With only a few deft movements you will transform the specially woven cloth into a made to measure carrying aid which will always be the right size for you and your baby- it more or less grows with you. Each Joy and Joe baby® sling comes with detailed carrying instructions, demonstrating with both pictures and text step by step the different carrying methods.

What size should I take?

This is a hard question to answer! Our Baby Slings come in a variety of sizes. Any size can work for anyone, the main difference is the variety of carries you can utilize. If you are a smaller person, you may be able to do more carries than listed with a slightly smaller baby sling. If you are a larger person, you may require one size larger to do the carries you wish to do. You can do all of the shorter-wrap carries with a larger wrap, there will just be longer tail-ends left over. Also see our woven wrap sizing guide for more

Can I also use the baby sling in winter?

Yes, because the close body contact warms your child and you also are more aware when you child might become cold. When temperatures drop below freezing, use a carrying method that allows you to carry your baby under your coat. These are various methods when the child is carried in front of your stomach. If you want extra warmth, choose the Joy and Joe baby® sling made from cotton/wool.

Where is your material from?

Our linen is sourced from a manufacturer in Northern Ireland that has been producing high-quality textiles since the mid-1800′s. They produce a high-quality, 100% Irish Linen fabric each and every time. Irish Linen is considered the highest-quality linen available as it is spun and woven to the highest standards and is strong, supportive and long-wearing. Our cotton yarns are sustainably sourced through cottonconnect.

How is Joy&Joe woven wrap graded?
Please click here to visit our woven wrap grading page

Do you offer specials for group-orders?

We would love to accommodate a large group order and offer the best shipping rate as well as a bulk discount. Please contact us directly at info@joyandjoebaby.co.uk to inquire prior to placing an order.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! If you have an address, we are happy to ship our product to you!

What if I have a complaint? 
For any product complaints or concerns, please contact us at info@joyandjoebaby.co.uk within 7 business days of receiving your product so that we can take immediate action.

For how long can I carry my baby in the sling?

Start slowly and take note how your baby feels. You will soon be aware how content your child is when you carry it. Use the sling whenever it helps you. Trust your own judgment and do whatever you feel is right and do not let others confuse you. When your child gradually learns to explore the world on its own two feet, the Joy and Joe baby® sling will still be useful for a long time as the “pram in the bag “, when the need arises. The “rucksack carry ” is the best method for carrying bigger children.

What does the term “Kangaroo Care” mean?

This is the term coined when a mother holds or wraps her premature baby skin to skin on her chest. Instead of constant care in an incubator more and more doctors are encouraging mothers to wear their tiny infants (such as in the Joy and Joe baby® Wrap). These babies thrive with access to food, warmth and the familiar environment of the womb. 

Can I wear the Joy and Joe baby® Carrier through pregnancy?

Moms do safely wear their carriers with no problem through pregnancy-some up until the end. Yet, some complain that the belt places pressure on the bladder. It all boils down to personal preference. Ask your doctor or midwife and use your intuition. A wrap may be a better alternative as the fabric can be spread wide and is more flexible and soft.

Can baby face out in Joy and Joe baby® carriers?

No. There are more reasons for this recommendation. The first and most important is that front facing position might hurt the baby’s spine, and it is not good for hip development either. Secondly, babies gain knowledge about the world through their parents in the early years (they perceive their gestures, their heartbeat and their vibes), and so they need direct contact with the person who carries them. If we keep the baby in a front-facing position, it might be tiring for them, and what is more, they have no possibility to turn back and find protection on the breast of their parents

What comes with my baby carrier?

An informative instruction manual comes together with your carrier. It includes many pictures and explanations, tips & tricks. We also give a free carry-bag for all Joy and Joe baby® Carriers.

Babywearing Benefits

The carried babies:

• cry less:Results of studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics show that carried babies cry on average 43% less, at night 54% less. It means that their body releases less stress hormones, and the babies are more joyful and relaxed.

• are more peaceful: If we are close to them, we can react to their needs quickly, and there is no reason to worry!

• are more healthy: They grow faster. They have better motor  and coordination skills, their muscle tone, and sense of balance is more advanced

• are less irritable: Constant motion and vertical posture relaxes acid reflux, and colic.

• have better view to the world: Children who are pushed around in a pram, or secured in a car seat only see the sky or the world up to the line of the knees.

• will be sooner independent: Research by the American Anthropological Association proves that the babies who are carried, who permanently feel our love and who trust us, are going to be more independent and confident.

• Sleep well: Research by the Harvard University proves that they fall asleep sooner, and snooze longer.

• learn more: They aren't nervous; they explore the world calmly, which is the best condition for the development of the nerve-system

Which forms of payment are accepted in your webshop?

We offer our customers a secure and convenient method for making payments online using PayPal. The PayPal system uses cutting edge security measures to ensure that your financial information is kept private. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use our webshop. You may also pay with your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express card, through the secure PayPal servers.

How can I order Joy and Joe baby® carrier products?

You may place an order in our webshop. If you have difficulties placing an order, please don’t hesitate to contact us

When can I expect my order to arrive?

We aim to send your order within 1-3 working days with an exception of our woven wraps and Pre-Orders as they take a bit longer to process.  Although the majority of customers receive their order quickly, occasionally, an order is lost or delayed by the Post Office. Although we are not responsible for delays due to the Post Office, we will do our best to investigate the issue and will send you a replacement if necessary. If you think your order has been lost or is damaged please contact us. If you have any questions please contact us on info@joyandjoebaby.co.uk

UK Delivery:

Your order can also be sent via Special Delivery for next delivery by 1pm for an extra £5. Please select this option during checkout or contact us


Delivery Outside UK:

For order from outside the UK mainland, it might take up to 6 working days for your order to be delivered (countries in EU). Other countries may vary.

How can I check my order status?

You may check your order status by writing us an email to info@joyandjoebaby.co.uk. We will get in touch with the courier company, so that we can give you the most up to date information. Please don’t forget to let us know your order No. (Which was sent in the confirmation email

Can I nurse in the your baby carriers? 

Yes.  With a little practice, it is very easy to nurse in a sling.  We are working with some babywearing mums  to produce more videos and visual guides as to how to facilitate that. In the mean time, if you look on the internet, there a tons of materials available

Are Joy and Joe baby carriers for women only? 

No!  Our baby carriers are great for fathers as well as mothers, or for grandparents, babysitters, and other friends.  Our slings fit most people and can easily be shared.

My baby looks squished.  Is this okay?

In most cases, yes.  As long as your baby has good airflow, then some “squishiness” is okay.  Babies should be very snug in the sling.  Remember the sling fabric conforms to the baby, so your baby is being enrobed by the fabric, not forced into an awkward position.  And, as you know, if your baby is uncomfortable, he or she will let you know right away!  If your baby is in the sling, is not fussing, with their bottom at your belly button, and with good airflow, then they are not really squished, but are in the sling correctly.  In fact, babies tend to love the swaddled sensation and close contact. As long as you adhere to the safety guidelines (check the user guide that accompanied your baby carrier)

My baby hates the sling.  What can I do? 

Get moving!  The best thing to do is to be active.  Go for a walk.  Clean. Sing. Dance.  Anything to get baby comfortable immediately so that he or she settles in.  Other things to try: different carrying positions and/or building your own sling confidence.  If you are nervous about using the sling, your baby will be too.

I still don’t get it.  What other tips do you have? 

Try to find a sling consultant in your area to help you out.  Or, contact Joy and Joe baby to set up an email or phone consultation.  Our goal is for you to use and love your sling!

How can I find out more information about slings? 

A great site for information about all types of baby carriers is http://www.thebabywearer.com

What does Joy and Joe mean? 

Joy and Joe is a combination of the names of the children behind the inspiration of the brand.

Our stretchy baby wraps been UK/EU tested in an accredited government laboratory and they conform to the BS EN 13209-2:2005 safety standards for soft baby carriers. Our feedback from customers have been 100 percent positive e.g Brill luv it so i bought another    To see more of our feedback, please visit http://www.joyandjoebaby.com/testimonials.html. To learn more about our wraps generally, please go to www.joyandjoebaby.com

At what age should I start using my Joy and Joe baby® stretchy wrap with my baby?

Our baby wraps can be used from birth but extra caution should be exercised with this age group because of their lower muscle tone and reduced head control. If you’re unsure, please contact us first. Email is info@joyandjoebaby.co.uk

How long can I use the baby carrier? 

You can use baby carrier through the toddler years until your child reaches the 35 pounds weight limit or either or when your child is no longer interested in being carried

Why should I choose a Joy and Joe baby® products?

Joy and Joe baby® is a very customer centric small business and this is evident in our products and packaging as well. We treat every customer as an individual and we aim to provide products that will be functional and practical for families. Our wrap carriers are designed by an experienced and creative mother who understands the needs of parents and children. Our stretchy baby wraps are manufactured from 100% interlocked cotton made in the UK. Interlock fabrics are super soft yet strong enough to hold the weight of a baby due to the unique nature of the fabric structure. It has an ideal one way stretch meaning that your baby won’t sag while being carried. Our ring slings were introduced to provide for customers that prefer to just sling on and baby wear. The style is timeless and convenient, yet modern and elegant.

Can I wash the sling?

Yes, You should be able to wash your baby wrap carrier like the way you would wash your cotton T-shirt. The washing instruction for woven wrap will be on its label. Most of our new Joy and Joe labels have washing instructions on the underside.

I find that other carriers hurt my back and shoulders.  Is the Joy and Joe baby® carriers comfortable? 

100% Yes.  In our baby wrap carriers, the weight of the baby is spread across your back, remember the X- shape of the fabric looms across your back. This allows you to baby wear with maximum comfort.

When should I put my baby in the Joy and Joe baby® carrier? 

Anytime.  You cannot oversling your baby.  If you do have a fussy baby, however, the best times to sling your child will be when she or he is fed, well-rested, and has on a dry diaper.

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t baby wear when you’re very tired or sleeping as you need to be fully awake and alert to cater for the needs of your baby

Is the sling portable? 

Yes.  Our baby carriers (Stretchy wraps) come with an integrated pocket at one end of the wrap. This accommodates your wrap when folded or rolled and this can fit into most baby bags.

There are many baby carriers/slings on the market, what makes Joy and Joe baby® carriers unique?

There are so many reasons why Joy and Joe baby® stands out uniquely on the market, some of the main reasons are the fact that our baby sings are more practical with an added extra of an integrated pocket so you can store your wrap anytime and anywhere. With our woven wraps, our designs are creatively artistic drawing inspiration from the world around us and then our designs are woven by a British master weaver. Our customer service is also second to none, we always endeavor to treat each customer with respect and our after sales support has been praised by many mums. Lastly, the inspiration behind Joy and Joe baby is one that has encouraged many parents. Visit our website to read more about the Joy and Joe story

Are Joy and Joe baby® slings suitable for ‘Kangaroo Care’?

Yes Joy and Joe baby® is a suitable for you to use to carry your premature baby skin to skin. Facilitating Kangaroo care was one of the visions we had when we designed our baby wrap and we have another kangaroo care compatible product in the making soon. To enjoy some skin to skin moments with your baby, simply remove all baby’s clothing except their diapers and then wrap baby in a way that allows them to be right next to the skin on your chest. Check out our youtube video for a video demonstration

Shall I wear my Joy and Joe baby® carrier under or over my coat?

Joy and Joe baby® carrier are designed to wear your baby close to your skin, you only need to wear a thin top under the sling. The idea is that you layer over the top, you can zip your coat up over the sling so protecting your baby from the wind and rain. There is also no need to wake a sleeping baby when you go inside!

Always ensure that your baby is not overheated!!

 It looks very complicated to use. Will I master tying it?

Some may need to practice tying the sling, say 2 or 3 times, but it becomes second nature pretty quickly, just like tying a shoe lace. The sling comes with a beautifully illustrated manual with step-by-step instructions.

Where are Joy and Joe baby® carrier produced and are the dyes used toxin free?

Joy and Joe baby® carrier are all handmade in England. All our materials are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and have passed the stringent Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test for harmful substances. For our woven wrap, all our Yarns are organic and all weaving and packaging are done in England.

Will my baby become clingy if I carry him in a sling instead of a buggy?

Quite the opposite. Carrying your baby in a sling encourages infants to feel secure and content. It can reduce the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, produced when a child feels anxious – resulting in calmer, happier babies. Research shows babies worn in slings are less clingy and tend to initiate separation much earlier than babies less frequently held.

Is it good for my baby’s physical development?

By using Joy and Joe baby® carrier to carries your baby ergonomically – it will helps promote correct hip-joint development without putting pressure on your baby’s spine or pelvis. It also helps muscular development and prevents flat head syndrome. ‘Baby wearing’ will regulate your baby’s body systems, including body temperature, heart rate, breathing, immune system and digestion (helping to ease colic and reflux).

How safe are the slings? Is there any risk of your baby falling out or the sling coming undone?

Joy and Joe baby® carrier is completely safe to use, all slings are provided with a clear illustrated manual showing you how to safely carry your baby. Your baby is carried securely next you, with no danger of any buckles or straps breaking!